Monday, December 29, 2008

Neo-Urban Plan

I'm really excited about my upcoming residency at Green Papaya- and here are some things that I am preparing while on a holiday break:

1) I created a new blog for the Neo-Urban Plan where all the submitted plans will be archived.

2) I already emailed Jem and Buen Calubayan for the first presentation on January 7.

3) Donna and Lena suggested we invite Paulo Alcazaren as a reactor to the neo-urban plan presentations, got his email from and hope to hear from him soon!

4) Samantha Orui, an architect collaborator from Sao Paulo for the Connecting Urban Spaces project send a video message about her work for the exhibition. She showed me an object with water inside- hmmm interesting.

Meanwhile, checkout Green Papaya on Google Maps
zoom! zoom! zoom! so you can locate your house too!

View Larger Map

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