Sunday, February 15, 2009


It is easy to dismiss virtual environments as pale renditions of our alternate lives, utopian visions and replacements for interpersonal interaction but its inevitability remains. While junkies attest to its necessity, cynics remain doubtful. And yet no doubt there is comfort in knowing that no one lives in isolation any longer. Almost dreadful in fact, you can run but never hide. Could it be true that each one of us will always long for some kind of connection no matter how strange, circumstantial, perverse or 'unreal' it is. Our favorite wise man once said that appearances work in so far to sustain our belief. Then there is also that question of increasing homogeneity masked behind divergence, plurality and open societies.

There remains the disputable dictum: the devil is in the details. Or is it god? Unknown to most, new nomadic communities have been cropping up thanks to that new dystopian universe called the web. This Wednesday as growing networks both oblique and congruent slide into each other's reality, Mark Salvatus continues with his residency presenting the online project Connecting Urban Spaces together with a nomadic artistic community built the last two years. If you are beginning to get used to our incessant calls to go out and get over the hump, here we are again calling out its never late nor too early the week to go out.

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