Tuesday, May 19, 2009


JED ESCUETA / Forgotten Nuts Turn into Trees

Wednesdays Open Platform / May 20 / Bar Opens 6PM

It's just as well that any law for memory has been repealed. Perhaps they just change, as most things are inclined to do, funneled through every individual pair of eyes.

In this case, it is with Forgotten Nuts Turn into Trees that photographs serve not only as the quintessential time capsules that they are, but also move into the peculiarities of a time bomb, wherein 3...2...1 what was once just a picture, explodes into something beyond a memento and lands in the light of shifting perspective. On the other end of it is the rediscovery of what was left behind during those few seconds when the flash bursts, resulting in an unapologetically simple picture... luminous in its rawness. In the looking back that occurs, each piece of suspended time and reality sprouts into new life, whether through introspection or conversation, throttling and permeating ones consciousness.

This Wednesday, Jed Escueta mounts his second exhibition as artist-in-residence. For another round of non-linear rumination, we invite all the usual suspects (and then some) to help kick off May's second WOP offering. So come! Buried somewhere in the night's speeding headlights and the slow burning cigarette is space to draw out the past and let it spark yet again. Let us maneuver through and around both retrospection and reconstruction, amidst the vibrating engines and tires that careen upon the little street most of us have all come to make our pit stop for the week. And if you haven't had a taste of Papaya, make this your first! We'll be waiting! (ZD)

The WOP Residency Progran is suported by Arts Network Asia www.artsnetworkasia.org http:// wednesdaysmnlove.blogspot.com

David Griggs’ New York London Paris Rome Manila City Jail runs until May 30, 2009

41 T. Gener Street (corner Kamuning Rd.), Quezon City Phone/Fax 632 7941628

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