Monday, June 1, 2009

w.o.p JUNE 3 | Jed Escueta SMELL HUSTLE

JED ESCUETA / Smell Hustle / June 3 / bar opens 6pm

"What interests us are the circumstances." Perhaps the innate curiosity of the familiar that sustain our motion towards the dreadful leap of faith in the known. A deliberate suspension of disbelief in order to give second, or even a third, life to the ordinary. For example, waking up in the same side of the bed whilst noticing the subtle shift in the incessant barking of the dogs next door. Or the newly painted jeep you take every morning to work. Perhaps even the new brew that sits on your breakfast counter. At times, what matter are these little seeming divinities plucked out of the unconscious brought to life by nothing else than circumstances. A collaborative work between god and the devil. And when walking a foreign street, our elders have repeatedly reminded us to trust your instincts and follow the scent that leads you. Its hard to ignore the compelling truth in age-old wisdom of the pagan who pays his respect to every tree, mound and living creature that crosses its path.

As we immerse in Jed Escueta's varied concerns in the photographic practice, he further takes us in to the privacy of his intuit: a day he woke up to a storm, mother's plants, the pet dog taking a piss break. Seemingly banal events that probably contain some David Lynch-ian anomaly to it. In Smell Hustle, the third installment of his WOP residency, Escueta pronounces the invisible boundaries of a photograph. Capturing the danger zones that we don't normally notice. As always and now with the rainy days back there is more reason to chill out and be cozy this Wednesday. Also to catch is the artist's weekly intoxicating brew. Join us as we jump start a heavy week of activities at Green Papaya.

The WOP Residency Program is supported by Arts Network Asia

Heads up: June 5-6 (Friday and Saturday), watch out for the continuing series of Open Studio Sessions of Gangan Ensemble with visiting Malaysian experimental sound artists Yong Yandsen and Kok Siew-Wai.

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